Sample Collection and Preparation

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The accuracy of your test results is dependent on the proper sample collection and preparation. Use the following guidelines when assembling your product for testing at Medallion Labs:

  • Collect a sample which is well blended and homogenous.
  • Include specific grinding, handling or composite instructions with the order.
  • Include sample matrix/composition descriptions and estimates on the submittal form.
  • If you have a question regarding appropriate sample size please contact Medallion Customer Service at 1-800-245-5165 for guidance.

Please note: Medallion Labs cannot accept unidentified samples

Sample Processing

Processing Level 1 Handling and Processing of a Single Sample $7.00
Processing Level 2 Composite involving no grinding (3 or more samples to combine) (example: oils, fine powders, flours, smooth liquids) $15.00
Processing Level 3 Composite involving limited grinding (3 or more samples to combine) (example: baking mixes without particulates, RTE cereals without particulates) $20.00
Processing Level 4 Composite involving grinding (3 or more samples to combine) (example: RTE cereals with particulates, bakery goods, snack chips, dried fruit) $30.00
Processing Level 5 Composite involving multiple components(3 or more samples to combine) OR a Single Sample involving special instructions (example: shelling nuts, weighing, peeling, deboning, contents only capsule, multiple component entrees) $100.00/hour charged in 15 minute increments

Non Routine:

Concentrates without Estimates Allows for additional dilutions at Medallion Labs' discretion $50.00/smaple
Expedite Fee   $50.00 upto 3x assay list price (call for exact cost)
Non-Routine Disposal   $50.00/library
NOn-Routine Report   $50.00-$200.00/report

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