T-2 Toxin

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Price of the test:

$130 per analysis

Acceptable Matrices:


Unacceptable Matrices:

This method is not meant for psyllium powder, nutraceuticals, oils, or flavor extracts.

Limit of Detection:

Range of 25-250 ppb

Sample Size Requirements:

500 grams


Microwell Strip Reader

Reportable Units:


Turn Around Time:

10 Business Days

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Method Reference:

Neogen 8210

Method Description:

The sample is solvent extracted and the extract is filtered. Free toxin in the sample and controls competes with enzyme-labeled toxin (conjugate) for the antibody binding sites. After a wash step, substrate reacts with the bound enzyme conjugate to produce blue color. A microwell reader is used to determine optical densities. Sample optical densities are plotted against the curve to calculate exact concentration of toxin.

Additional Information:

This method measures the amount of T-2 toxin, which is a naturally-occurring mold byproduct of Fusarium mold. Concentrated food additives, colors, and flavors may cause interferences on ELISA test methods.