Viscosity by Brookfield Viscometer

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Price of the test:

$300 per analysis

Acceptable Matrices:

This method applies to liquid samples only. Powdered flours, hydrocolloids, proteins, etc. can be tested, provided directions on the procedure to disperse the sample into a liquid are provided with the submission.

Unacceptable Matrices:

Solids and extremely high viscosity liquids cannot be tested by this method.

Limit of Detection:

The limit of detection is matrix dependent

Sample Size Requirements:

If requesting liquid as is viscosity or a liquid for a viscosity/temp. profile, please provide a sample of at least 1 cup/200cc. If submitting a powder that will be reconstituted, please provide a sample of at least 25g.


Brookfield Viscometers

Reportable Units:

 Viscosity in centiPoise

Turn Around Time:

10 Business days

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Method Reference:

Internally Developed Method

Method Description:

Viscosity is the resistance to flow of liquid materials. Viscosity is measured by rotating a spindle attached to the viscometer in the liquid sample. The torque against the rotating spindle is converted to viscosity units.

Information Required by Submitter:

The following questions will help our Customer Service team provide a more accurate price as well as design an appropriate test protocol if there is no specific method.
1. Solution concentration (for samples submitted as powders)
2. Temperature(s) at which to measure viscosity
3. Spindle size
4. Speed
5. Time point(s) at which to measure viscosity
6. Liquid type (newtonian, non-newtonian (if known))
7. Estimate of viscosity
8. Units needed (if not centipoise)
9. Brief description of how results would be used (to aid in determining the best viscosity method for your needs)

If known, please include a copy of the test method to be used.

Additional Information:

A number of specialized viscometers are also available for specific applications, check with Medallion with specific application questions.