Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

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Price of the test:

$68 per analysis

Limit of Detection:

0.02 mg/100g to 0.1 mg/100g (depending on sample weight)

Sample Size Requirements:

10 grams for dry samples
20 grams for liquid samples


Auto-analyzer with fluorescence detection

Reportable Units:

0.02 mg/100g to 0.1 mg/100g (depending on sample weight)

Turn Around Time:

10 Business Days

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Method Reference:

AOAC 942.23, 970.65 and 981.15

Method Description:

Samples are autoclaved in HCl to breakdown the matrix. Potassium permanganate is added to the filtrate to oxidize interfering fluorescent compounds. Sodium bisulfite is then added to decolorize residual potassium permanganate. The fluorescence intensity (in the 440-550 nm range) of the vitamin is then measured. Blank measurements to allow for interfering fluorescence are performed on samples where sodium hydrosulfite is added that quenches riboflavin's fluorescence. The net fluorescence is compared to a prepared standard curve.

Information Required by Submitter:

Please supply an estimate of expected riboflavin content.

Indicate the presence of iron in samples.

Samples of "Vitamin Concentrates" should be clearly labeled..

Additional Information:

This test is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited through A2LA, Certificate # 2769.01.

High iron content can interfere with the reaction chemistry. Please indicate the presence of high levels of iron.

Vitamin concentrate results typically have higher-than-normal method variability.