Calories by Calculation

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Price of the test:

No Charge - Requires Ash, Fat, Moisture and Protein analyses.

Reportable Units:


Turn Around Time:

10 Business Days

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Method Reference:

Carbohydrates are calculated based on the following tests and their respective method references: Moisture (method is matrix dependent), Ash (AOAC 923.03), Fat (by gas chromatography (AOAC 996.06) or by hydrolysis/extraction (AOAC 933.05; 922.06; 948.15; 925.32; 950.54; 905.02; 920.111; 945.48G; 920.115F; 932.06; 920.09; 952.06), Protein (AOAC 968.06) and, optionally, Insoluble Dietary Fiber (AOAC 991.43). A value for available carbohydrates (carbohydrates – Insoluble Dietary Fiber) will be provided when a test for Insoluble Dietary Fiber is requested in addition to moisture, ash, fat by gas chromatography and protein.

Method Description:

Calories are determined by the following calculation: Calories = (4xCarbohydrates) + (9xTotalFat) + (4xProtein)
Calories from fat = 9xtotalFat
Calories from saturated fat = 9xSatFat
Calories, Fiber Subtracted = (4xcarbsAvailable) + (9xTotalFat) + (4xProtein)