Color Analysis, Lovibond

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Price of the test:

$60 per analysis

Acceptable Matrices:

Transparent oils

Unacceptable Matrices:

Cloudy oils

Limit of Quantitation:

The yellow scale ranges from 1.0 to 70.0, the red from 0.1 to 20.0.

Sample Size Requirements:

50 mL


Lovibond Tinometer

Reportable Units:

Red, Yellow

Turn Around Time:

10 Business Days

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Method Reference:

AOCS Method 13b-45.

Method Description:

The tintometer measures the red and yellow colors of liquid fats and oils. This gives an indication of how refined the oil is - the higher the red value the darker the oil, and hence the less-refined the oil is.

Additional Information:

This test is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited through A2LA, Certificate # 2769.01.