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Price of the test:

10% Solution:$20 per analysis
Direct:$20 per analysis

Limit of Detection:

pH can be measured from 0 to 14 with 0 resulting from a very strong acid solution and 14 resulting from a very strong alkaline solution.

Sample Size Requirements:

Please provide a sample of at least 10g to ensure results representative of sample submitted.


pH meter equipped with pH probe

Reportable Units:

pH units

Turn Around Time:

10 business days

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Method Reference:

AACC 02-52, AOAC 943.02 and 981.12

Method Description:

Either pH Direct (unmodified sample) or pH 10% (sample is added to carbon dioxide-free water to form a 10% solution).

The hydrogen ion concentration of the sample is determined by measuring the electrical potential produced by an electrode that responds to hydronium ions. The electrical potential is converted to hydrogen ion concentration expressed as the negative logarithm of its concentration (pH). If dissolution or dispersion of the sample is necessary (a 10% solution), carbon dioxide-free water is used.

Information Required by Submitter:

Generally the handling of samples intended for pH measurement take little special effort. If carbonates or bicarbonates are present in a sample, submit the sample in a sealed container with little or no headspace to minimize the possible loss of carbon dioxide which will alter the pH of the sample.