Viscosity by Rheological Property Characterization

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Price of the test:

$300 per analysis

Acceptable Matrices:

Applicable samples include liquids, pastes and gels that are pourable or flow with the application of force.

Unacceptable Matrices:


Limit of Detection:

Not Applicable

Sample Size Requirements:

Sample Dependent


TA Instruments AR.G2 Controlled Stress Rheometer

Reportable Units:

Reports are generated within the instrument software and copied into data files. The reports may contain graphs, tabular data, and flow equations. Reports are custom prepared to meet the needs of the customer’s request.

Turn Around Time:

10 Business days

Is Rush Available?


Method Reference:

Internally Developed Method

Method Description:

Rheology is the study of flow and deformation. Controlled Stress Rheometers are flexible instruments that can measure a variety of viscous and visco-elastic properties. The rheometer also provides precise temperature control in the range of -10 to 150°C. The instrument is programmed on an individual sample basis to provide the rheological information the customer requires.

Additional Information:

A number of specialized viscometers/consistometers are also available for specific applications, check with Medallion with specific application questions. Include a copy of the test method to be used, if known. The submitter is encouraged to speak to the test specialist to help design an appropriate test protocol if there is no specific method.