Water Holding Capacity

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Price of the test:

$70 per analysis
Testing requires a moisture analysis for an additional $20

Acceptable Matrices:

This method is applicable to powders that meet the following criteria. They must be insoluble in water, and they must be readily dispersible in water. The method was developed for grain based products, but can be applied to other powders meeting the criteria listed above.

Unacceptable Matrices:

Any powders not meeting the criteria listed above.

Limit of Detection:


Sample Size Requirements:

20 grams


An analytical balance, centrifuge and centrifuge tubes are required for this method.

Reportable Units:

Results are reported in grams water retained per gram of sample.

Turn Around Time:

15 Business Days

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Method Description:

Samples are weighed into centrifuge tubes and water or an aqueous solution is added. The tubes are covered and the sample is dispersed in the liquid by shaking. The dispersion is allowed to equilibrate for 20 minutes, with repeated shaking every five minutes. The tubes are centrifuged, the clear liquid is poured off, and the contents of the tube are weighed. The water retained by the sample is calculated from the recorded weights.

Additional Information:

The solvent used can be water or an aqueous solution of salts, weak acids or weak bases, depending on the application.