Differential Scanning Calorimetry

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Price of the test:

$250 per analysis

Acceptable Matrices:

Solids and liquids

Limit of Detection:

Thermal transitions can be measured in the range of –50°C to 700°C.

Sample Size Requirements:

10 grams


Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

Reportable Units:

Energy (J/g) and Temperature (°C) at each transition

Turn Around Time:

10 Business Days

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Method Reference:

Internally developed method

Method Description:

A sample is heated/cooled at a constant rate measuring energy transitions.

Additional Information:

This thermal analysis technique measures endothermic and exothermic transitions as samples are heated or cooled. Applications to foods include freezing and melting temperatures of aqueous samples, gelatinization temperatures in starches and flours, protein denaturation, and fat melting characteristics. Glass transitions in foods and polymers can also be determined.