Listeria Genus

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Price of the test:

$35 per analysis

Limit of Detection:

This is a qualitative test per swab, 25g, 100g, or 375g.

Sample Size Requirements:

Environmental: 1 swab/test
In Food Products: minimum of 500 grams


Roka Atlas

Reportable Units:

Environmental: positive or negative
In Food Products: positive or negative/sample size (25g or 125g)

Turn Around Time:

10 Business Days

Is Rush Available?


Method Reference:

AOAC PTM 011201

Method Description:

Samples are analyzed using the Roka Atlas system which utilizes isothermal amplification and chemiluminescence detection.
Confirmation services also available.

Additional Information:

This is a qualitative enrichment procedure which detects very low levels of the potential food borne pathogen. Note that a percentage of all raw commodities may contain a low level of these organisms.

Benefits: The Roka Atlas used for this test has 3 major improvments:

1. Target Capture - concentrates and purifies target nucleic acids before the amplification process

2. TMA (transcription-mediated amplification) Technology -  produces RNA amplicon rather than DNA amplicon; and allows for 100-1000 copies per cycle thus increasing accuracy.

3. Hybridization Protection Assay – a chemiluminescent reaction with a target-specific probe.